Furnished Atlanta was started by a traveling consultant who was tired of living in a hotel room from Monday Friday. After switching to corporate housing while traveling for work, the most common theme that was noticeable was how majority of the corporate rental places had cost-efficient furniture and decorations; yet lacked the homely feelings.

After searching week after week for a place that could truly be considered a home away from home, it quickly became obvious that cheap furnishings are the industry norm. This frustration over trying to find  a place nice enough to be able to stay when away from family led to an idea of creating a home where quality and the decorum of the place was unparallel.

As such, our furnished unit is setup to be a home and not just an investment property by traveling professionals to Atlanta, numerous families/insurance companies that need temporary furnishings or others who just need a place to stay when visiting Atlanta.

In this case, let it be known: "Mi Casa Su Casa". We invite you to come and visit us.

You will love it. No Exceptions!